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Where and how we produce your ALOHAS, how to choose them and take care of them!


Size selection - how do I know if a product will fit me?

We love all the sizes and silhouettes and we think each body deserves the best fit possible!. When it comes to fashion, we know that the most important thing is to find the perfect fit. Everybody is different, and that’s why all our footwear and clot

How do I take care of my ALOHAS?

When we find a product that fits one or more of the parameters to have the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability, we want it to last! To protect them from stains, water, dirt, and in order to maximize their lifespan, we've gathered th

Are all your products vegan?

If you're reading this, you've come to the perfect place to look for the best vegan footwear!. At ALOHAS, we have a great and continuously growing selection of vegan styles, created by carefully hand-crafted plants and recycled leathers. Interested?.

How can I provide feedback on a product I have purchased?

Your opinion is precious to us, as it pushes us to improve every day!. We would really appreciate it if after your purchase you could leave a product review. Want to know how? It's super easy!. 1. Expect to receive an email from us inviting you to re

How and where are your shoes produced?

At ALOHAS, we are very proud of our sustainable choice of local production. Since its launch in 2015, our shoes have been produced in the coastal region of Alicante, Spain. Over the years, we have built meaningful relationships with our production te

Will a product ever be back in stock?

If you are reading this, you're probably looking for some sold-out or out-of-stock product. We're sorry the product you are looking for is not currently available and we would like to give you some information about how the process works. At ALOHAS,

Is your leather certified?

All of our shoes are crafted out of Leather Working Group Certified Leather. The Leather Working Group is the largest organization in the world dedicated to auditing leather supply chains around the globe and certifying the ones that live up to a str

Are your products waterproof?

We select fine and natural materials to craft our products. As we do not use any chemicals, we do recommend you to not use put your ALOHAS while stepping on wet areas, as the products are not waterproof. In some cases and where clearly indicated, a p