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How can I get more ALOHAS Circle points?Updated 6 months ago

Join ALOHAS Circle Rewards and you will instantly get 200 points to get you started.

Here are a few ways you can get more points: 

In line with our sustainable fashion premises, you get more points when shopping on-demand or vegan products.

Remember you only get points for any of the above actions (including placing an order) if you have already joined the program. This is not retroactive: all purchases, visits, and reviews done before joining the program won't generate points.

You can earn just as many points as you desire, there's no limit! To check what you already did and got points for, and what can be still done to get more points, you can do it from your ALOHAS account!

In the example below, this customer has already joined the waiting list and followed us on Instagram, so both activities are marked as complete. However, we are already suggesting which other actions can be completed to get more points, like leaving a review or liking us on Facebook. 

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